IHPSInfantile Hypertrophic Pyloric Stenosis (found during erythromycin treatment in children)
IHPSInstitute for Health Policy Solutions
IHPSInstitute for Health and Productivity Studies
IHPSInternational Heat Pipe Symposium
IHPSIn-House Payment System
IHPSIn Home Pet Services
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Supported by the Department of Standards Malaysia and the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM), CPhI IHPS 2013 is honoured to welcome Y.
Ron Goetzel, a senior scientist and director at IHPS, who led the research project and worked with his Institute team to develop a series of actionable steps to help guide employers in designing and implementing a new workplace wellness program or evaluating an existing program.
We investigated EBV infection of smooth muscle cells in the pathogenesis of IHPS by in situ hybridization of smooth muscle biopsy specimens from 10 infants with pyloric stenosis.
Biopsies of the pylorus were obtained from 10 infants with the clinical and anatomic diagnosis of IHPS from 1997 through 1998.
The histopathology of the 10 biopsies showed hypertrophied smooth muscle consistent with IHPS (Figure).
IHPS blends university and commercial research talent to conduct studies that explore the relationship between employee health and well-being and work- related productivity.
Currently, IHPS is working on a number projects in both the private and public sector.
The margin improvement for the quarter was due to Nightingale's success in increasing its efficiency of service delivery, the reduction of costs related to the operations of recently acquired HealtheNet and IHPS, as well as the benefits the Company realized throughout the quarter from higher software license sales, which inherently carry higher gross profit margins.
This increase was due primarily to the recently completed acquisitions of IHPS and HealtheNet.
Based in Dubai, Boustany will provide support for the IHPS team within the MEMA region, promoting the HP T200 and the T300 Inkjet Web Presses.
Global Graphics' Harlequin RIP([R]) provides high- performance processing for HP's digital front ends (DFEs) that drive HP Indigo and IHPS devices.
Revision s IHPS small arms helmet serves as the foundation for the company s proposed head protection system.