IHRISIntegrated Human Resource Information System
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Providing and installing the iHRIS Suite, an open source software tool developed by IntraHealth that helps health sector managers assess staffing gaps and design and evaluate ef
Leading ihris distributor Marbel has teamed up with Orchard Toys (Orchardtoys.com) to toy d provide toys worth PS200 - whether it's a late Christmas gift, a birthday pressie, pro or organising for next year!
(137) Pointing to the best-practice guidance set out in the Paris Principles for National Human Rights Institutions (IHRIs), (138) which has opened the door for some IHRIs to "address any human rights issues with regard to any type of company" through a range of mechanisms including "investigation, adjudication, conciliation, mediation, hearings and the right to take issues to court",139 CORE set out specific parameters for a state-based non-judicial grievance mechanism that included investigatory powers and the power to hand down, and legally enforce, remedies.