IHRMInternational Human Resources Management
IHRMInstitute of Human Resource Management
IHRMInstitute of Hotel & Restaurant Management (Goa, India)
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IHRM practices were described by the personnel manager of the subsidiary, by the person responsible for IHRM in the headquarters and by expatriates.
Thus, Chapter 2, The Cultural Context of IHRM, examines several ways in which culture may be conceptualized and/or defined.
First, a review of the relevant IHRM literature is presented to set the context for the discussion of training, which is the main thrust of this paper.
Critical approaches point out that IHRM, just as domestic HRM, would be ultimately concerned with control and with perpetuating power relations in organizations (Legge, 1995; Peltonen, 2006; Townley, 1993).
The book has sought to address some of the macro and micro issues that influence IHRM and has been divided into four parts.
The alignment of international strategy and the headquarters' orientation regarding the IHRM policy;
But IHRM scholars generally consider that the field has moved on from its earlier preoccupation with expatriation.
Interviews of repatriates, IHRM experts, a literature search, and a consideration of organisational culture and values can all assist in the development of the policy.
2001) found some Irish-owned MNEs used quite 'comprehensive and proactive IHRM policies and procedures to assist them in the process of internationalization' while others were less sophisticated in their approach.
Increasingly, academic IHRM researchers contend that human resource functions and in particular selection, should not be viewed separately, but must be viewed as an integrated system of human resource functions (Huselid, Jackson & Schuler 1997).
Based on the existing IHRM literature, multivariate variables are incorporated in an effort to gain a better understanding of their direct or indirect influence on expatriate work-family adjustments and performance outcomes so that to help develop culturally appropriate IHRM practices and assistant programs for managing international assignments.
This can be best achieved through effective IHRM mechanisms.