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H1: There is positive relationship between IHRM practices and employee engagement
First, a review of the relevant IHRM literature is presented to set the context for the discussion of training, which is the main thrust of this paper.
Besides, recent studies on strategic international human resource management (SIHRM) have advocated the importance of strategic fit between firms choice of IHRM orientations and the types of business strategies in their overseas operations of multinational corporations (MNCs).
Critical approaches point out that IHRM, just as domestic HRM, would be ultimately concerned with control and with perpetuating power relations in organizations (Legge, 1995; Peltonen, 2006; Townley, 1993).
We based ourselves on observations in many companies, IHRM articles and the subjects broached during interviews with expatriates carried out during our doctoral studies.
In today's discussion about globalization, the issue remains alive and well: To what extent is IHRM practice predominantly ethnocentric or "truly global"?
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His research and teaching interests are in the following areas: HRM, IHRM and OB.
Many believed that the key to IHRM was to apply those concepts developed and successful in the United States to an international context.
1994), "Perceptions of human resource management effectiveness", Proceedings of the Fourth Conference on International Human Resource Management, IHRM Conference Secretariat, Gold Coast, Australia.
Our research, coupled with a synthesis of case studies and the scant literature available, has begun to map the strategic IHRM challenges in confronting this issue.
2011) Global talent management and global talent challenges: Strategic opportunities for IHRM.