IHSDMInteractive Highway Safety Design Model
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Registered IHSDM users can visit the "Download Login" page and type in their existing username and password to access and download this update.
For information on an IHSDM training course available from the National Highway Institute, visit www.
First released in 2003, IHSDM has six evaluation modules that help provide quantitative measures of safety performance, check designs against applicable guidelines, and diagnose factors contributing to safety.
IHSDM, which is supported by FHWA's Geometric Design Laboratory at TFHRC, covers two-lane and multi-lane rural highways and urban and suburban arterials.
As a result of the 2010 update, the Crash Prediction Module of IHSDM has become a faithful implementation tool for the Highway Safety Manual" says Clayton Chen, a highway research engineer on the Safety Management Team in FHWA's Office of Safety Research and Development.
So, when FHWA updated the IHSDM, it was the perfect opportunity to update the delivery format as well as the course materials.
The IHSDM 2010 release includes six evaluation modules: crash prediction, policy review, design consistency, intersection review, traffic analysis, and driver/ vehicle.
The 2003 release of IHSDM culminates a multiyear research and development effort.
Ronald Erickson, geometrics engineer for the Minnesota DOT, adds, "Especially with the difficult challenge of replacing technical staff, the application of IHSDM will be a valuable tool for project engineers to evaluate and check their designs.
The benefit of using IHSDM for Federal Lands is the same as for any organization.
The IHSDM Web pages can be accessed by visiting FHWA's Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center home page at http://www.
Other than IHSDM and ARTS, what are the research needs that might be targeted to rural road safety?