IHSDMInteractive Highway Safety Design Model
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However, as the project development progresses, engineers can integrate computer-aided files (or geometric design data) into IHSDM. The Design Consistency Module estimates 85th-percentile operating speeds, including acceleration and deceleration rates approaching and departing curves, and compares operating speeds on successive design elements.
IHSDM supports data-driven safety analysis, one of the innovations FHWA is championing under round four of its Every Day Counts initiative.
In November 2017, FHWA hosted a webinar titled "IHSDM 2017 and the New IHSDM Economic Analyses Tool." A recording of the webinar, as well as presentation slides are available at www.ihsdm.org/wiki/IHSDM _2017_Web_Conference.
FHWA's Geometric Design Lab used the IHSDM Crash Prediction Module to perform a safety evaluation of the two alternatives for the period of 2018-2038.
FHWA's IHSDM software offers a suite of analysis tools that engineers can use to evaluate the safety and operational effects of geometric design decisions on highways.
The IHSDM includes five other evaluation modules applicable to rural two-lane highways: policy review, design consistency, intersection review, traffic analysis, and driver/vehicle.
Version 8.1.0 expands and improves the software's features by extending calibration capabilities, via the IHSDM Administration Tool, to include freeway segments.
Given greater confidence in the expected crashes predicted by the calibrated models, State DOTs can use IHSDM output in benefit/cost analyses, where the benefit is the savings realized from the reduction in crashes for one alternative versus another.
To reflect the changes to the IHSDM, the National Highway Institute (NHI) recently released an updated version of its IHSDM training course.
The 2010 release of the Interactive Highway Safety Design Model (IHSDM)--Highway Safety Manual (HSM) Predictive Method (Version 6.0.0, July 15, 2010) is now available for free at www.ihsdm.org.
* FLH volunteered to beta test TFHRC's Interactive Highway Safety Design Model (IHSDM), a computer-based system that enables roadway designers to assess the potential safety effects of alternative highway designs.