IHSGIndeks Harga Saham Gabungan (Jakarta composite)
IHSGInternational Health Systems Group (Harvard University; Boston, MA)
IHSGInternet Headquarters for Student Governments (University of Missouri at Rolla)
IHSGInternational Hair Surgical Group (Edison, NJ and New York, NY)
IHSGInch High Sniper Guy (gaming)
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The IHSG events will address this largely untapped global opportunity by convening key stakeholders from the UK and all over the world.
The whitepaper will be made available to all delegates attending and available for download on the official IHSG website.
The inflows of foreign capital also contributed to pushing up the IHSG in 2010 to reach 3,684 points in December 2010 up from 2,534 points in 2009.
When the rupiah weakened to the level to 12,000 per dollar in November, 2008, the IHSG dipped to a two year's low.
The state companies to be privatized by selling shares to the public plan to launch IPO when the IHSG reached 2,000 points.
The issuers belonging to the conglomerates have become the main driving motors for the IHSG of the capital market as generally they have good performance with professional managers and operating as integrated industries.
As a result until end of 2008, the IHSG plunged to below 15,00 points with profit sinking during that period.
IHSG also rose since January, 2007 and in May IHSG reached the level of 2093 points from 1,800 three months earlier.
In January, 2006, the IHSG hit a new record of 1,261 when the rupiah began to regain strength and upward trend of the key interest rate of Bank Indonesia (BI rate) was held to standstill.
The share increase of IHSG this week was triggered by strong demand for blue chip stocks.
The country's capital market gave a high gain as indicated by rise in the composite index (IHSG) from around 600 points to more than 700 points.
Meanwhile, both the composite share price index (IHSG) and the exchange rate of the rupiah showed some strengthening over the first two months of 2002.