IHSMInstitute of Health Services Management
IHSMInstitute of Health Service Managers
IHSMIntegrated Homeland Security Management (degree)
IHSMIrish Heritage Society of Milford (Ireland)
IHSMInstitute of Hotel Security Management
IHSMInsoluble Hepatocyte-Surface Membrane (immunology)
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Chair-elect Gretchen Sampson, MPH, RN Section Council Aja Hardy, MPH, MBA, IHSM Marcie Sara Rubin, MPH Governing Council Mark Bittle, DrPH, MBA Marcia Rosenstein, MPH, MPA John C.
Nursing, IHSM and OU, Mging Health Services; State Registered Nurse; Registered Nurse Tutor; BSc Hons psych; MSc Nursing; Cert.
IHSM Consultants, Creative Career Paths in the NHS: Report No.