IHSPIntegrated Health Service Plan (Canada)
IHSPInstitute for Health and Socio-Economic Policy
IHSPInternet History Sourcebooks Project
IHSPIn-Home Service Professional (appliance repair)
IHSPInfant Hearing Screening Program (hearing examinations)
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Successful candidates will then be rewarded by being issued their unique IHSP photographic passport, transferable worldwide.
Furthermore, Asry has issued its 1,000th ECITB IHSP as part of its safety training programme.
The yard said it has also seen an 18 per cent reduction in HSE-related incidents and the introduction of the IHSP has corresponded to a step change in HSE behavioural improvement.
More than 1,000 workers have attained their IHSPs, with entry now open to any maintenance and ship repair worker in the Middle East region.
PRM1 to PRM5 and the serum controls (IHSP, FC, and LC) contained ~4 mg/L CRP.
We computed the mean, minimum, and maximum values for the undiluted samples (except for the IHSP, which was not common among the participants) for all assay systems.
We evaluated each assay on the basis of its performance when measuring the IHSP. To perform further evaluations, we selected assays that demonstrated acceptable within-day imprecision, as described below.
To assess within-day imprecision, we computed the average within-day variation at each dilution of the IHSP for each assay.
PRM 1-8, FSC A, FSC B, and the IHSP were diluted to 20%, 40%, 60%, and 80% in phosphate-buffered saline (0.14 mol/L sodium chloride, 0.01 mol/L phosphate buffer, pH 7.4), using either manual or automated, calibrated pipettes.
Samples of PRM 1-8, FSC A, FSC B, and the IHSP were analyzed in descending then ascending order of dilutions.
Descriptive statistics of the samples PRM 1-8, FSC A, FSC B, and the IHSP were performed separately for each assay system and sample at each stage of dilution (20%, 40%, 60%, 80%, and 100%), using reported concentration values.