IHSTInternational Helicopter Safety Team (Alexandria, VA)
IHSTIndustrial Hygiene and Safety Technology, Inc. (various locations)
IHSTInstitute of the History of Science and Technology (Russia)
IHSTIntentional Hand Steadiness Test
IHSTInstitute of Homeland Security Training (St. Clair County Community College; Port Huron, MI)
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Simon Mitchell, IHST representative, who provided an update on the progress IHST is making to improve rotorcraft safety.
Our collaboration with the IHST offers even greater insights into the work we can do, collectively as an industry, to promote a culture of zero mishaps and zero accidents.
Test scores were not correlated with Interactions with High School or College Teachers Scales, but were correlated with two items of the IHST scale: negatively correlated with seeking course assistance from high-school teachers (r = -0.407, p [less than] 0.05), and negatively with "had informal contact with highschool teachers outside of class" (r = -0.353, p [less than] 0.05).
Our collaboration with knowledgeable organizations such as the IHST, as well as the active participation and interest of the attendees, has allowed Bell Helicopter to make significant strides in our efforts to promote a culture of zero mishaps and zero accidents.
AHEST was founded in late 2013 to expand the mandate of the global International Helicopter Safety Team (IHST) with actions in the 10-country region covered by the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), as well as China.
However, as the facility follows recommendations by the International Helicopter Safety Team (IHST) to reduce accidents and improve helicopter safety in all situations, Thales and SAF envisage broadening the scope of training services to include any type of environment required by all their clients from across Europe.