IHTCInternational Heat Transfer Conference (thermal science)
IHTCIndiana Hemophilia & Thrombosis Center (Indianapolis, IN)
IHTCInternational High-Technologies Consulting (est. 1995; Freehold, NJ)
IHTCInterim Human-Tended Capability
IHTCInsead High-Tech & Telecom Club
IHTCI Hate This Class
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IHTC provides such services and consulting to High-Tech companies that develop Hardware, Software and Components, as well as Service Providers (Telecoms, Cable Operators, SatComs, ISPs) in over 60 countries (including Europe, Africa, Middle-East, Latin America, Asia, Pacific Rim and North America).
IHTC Clients range from start-ups with only a few personnel to vendors and service providers with $300+ Million in Revenue and 1000+ employees.
High quality castings can be achieved through directional solidification, thus emphasizing the role of the IHTC to predict freezing patterns.
Of the many investigations on mold-metal interface heat transfer, IHTC values have fallen in a wide range of 500-16,000 W/[m.
Recent investigations focused on determining the IHTC value of an intricate commercial hubcap casting.
Here, the mold coating and air gap influence on the rate of heat transfer at the interface was reflected in the value of the IHTC, which was determined by comparing the modeling with experimental trials.
Another possibility for the discrepancy was the IHTC profile was not a good description of what really happened at the interface.
The findings in these investigations helped prove the necessity of a proper IHTC in permanent mold casting.
Good starting IHTCs can save in simulation time, and an approach of trial and error, although sometimes time-consuming, almost always can lead to a reasonably good estimate of an IHTC or set of IHTCs.
With the exponential increase of computing power and the availability of commercial software, the procedures used in this work can easily and relatively efficiently achieve the objective of determining suitable values for the IHTC.
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