IHTRIndian High Temperature Reactor (energy production)
IHTRI Have to Rave (website)
IHTRImmediate Hemolytic Transfusion Reaction
IHTRImmune Hemolytic Transfusion Reaction
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Also on the Ikegami APAC stand at Broadcast Asia 2018 will be the Ikegami UHK-430 3-CMOS UHD camera and HC-HD300 docking-style studio/field camera, Ikegami HQLM-3120W 31-inch 4K master reference monitor, HLM-2460WR multi-format 24-inch video monitor, HLM-1760WR space-saving 17-inch video monitor and HLM-960WR multi-format 9-inch video monitor and Ikegami PF-531A ultra-low latency HD/SD digital microwave link and iHTR optical multiplex fibre transmission link.
Transfusion reactions ranged between immediate hemolytic transfusion reaction (IHTR) in one patient, asymptomatic in 3 patients, and delayed hemolytic transfusion reactions (DHTR) in the rest.
Alloantibody Indication for Transfusion detected transfusion reaction 1 Anti-K Anemia, Hb< 7g/dl No 2 Ant-C + D Painful crisis, DHTR (1), anemia jaundice 3 Anti-K Painful crisis, anemia DHTR, jaundice 4 Anti-C Joint pain, No painful crisis Anemia 5 Anti-D Anemia, Hb< 8g/dl IHTR (2), jaundice 6 Anti-E Anemia, joint pain No 7 Anti-K Anemia, Hb< 6g/dl Jaundice 8 Anti-E Anemia, painful crisis No 9 Anti-c Anemia, painful crisis Jaundice (1) DHTR: delayed hemolytic transfusion reactions; (2) IHTR: immediate hemolytic transfusion reaction.