IHUInternational Hellenic University (Thessaloniki, Greece)
IHUI Hear You
IHUI Hate You
IHUInnen-Hochdruck-Umformung (hydroforming)
IHUIntegrated Helmet Unit
IHUI Heart You
IHUInternational Harvardian University
IHUIndividual Housing Unit
IHUInstituto Humanitas Unisinos (Portuguese: Humanities Institute; Brazil)
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IHU On-Line: In these two years of his pontificate, what are the most significant marks left on the church by Pope Francis?
We have extended the IHU algorithm and its fault localization framework to an adaptive architecture that uses a dynamic dependency model, as shown in
Cheonanham Sageon ihu natanan Namnam Galdeung e daehan Yeongu" [A study on the phenomenon of South-South conflict after the Cheonan incident].
Similarly, there were no additional indicators of compromise of the IHU server.
sajandi keskpaigast alates on Olevistes mainitud Puha Ihu missat, mille puhitsemise kohta on andmeid kuni reformatsioonini.
The victory at Waiorua [1824] also enabled Ngati Toa Rangatira and allied tribes to establish themselves and undertake further migrations from the Kapiti Coast to settle in Whanganui a Tara (Wellington), Te Tau Ihu (northern South Island) and Te Waipounamu.
3) Analizado en su relacion con los movimientos sociales, ver entrevista en Revista Instituto Humanitas Unisinos, IHU, intitulada "Os movimentos sociais e o lulismo" (Qadea, 2010).
As a first step in exploring such a eucharistic origin, I examine two vernacular elevation verses in Takamiya MS 56, "Hayle holy bodye of criste ihu" and "Hayle precyous blode of god cryst ihu.
A life member of Te Kaunihera o Nga Neehi Maori and an affiliated member of NZNO, she was nominated for the award by Te Amo Health nurses and Te Tau Ihu Te Runanga representatives Hemaima Hughes, Anne Hampton and Caroline McKinney.
If you maintain the Apache integrated helmet unit (IHU) and need the communication earplug (CEP) to repair an IHU, NSN 5965-01-536-5644 brings you the kit.
lt;<El yllustre senor don ynigo lopes de mendoqa duque segundo del infantazgo, marques de santillana, conde del rreal, senor de (Hita y Buitrago) mando fa (ser esta) portada (ano del nascimiento del nro salvador ihu xpo de MCCCCL) XXXIII anos, sellendo esta casa edificada por sus anteceqores con grande gasto e sumptuoso edificio, se pu(so) toda por el suelo y por acrescentar la gloria de sus proxenitores y la suya propia la mando edificar otra vez para mas honrar la grandeza (de su linaje) (.
In 2007 and 2008, the Tribunal also released reports on the Te Tau Ihu (northern South Island) claims.