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In Palestine, Magnes excoriated the Zionist movement for what he regarded as nationalist excesses, and created the Ihud organization to champion the idea of a binational Jewish-Arab state.
In 1942, responding to the pleas of Zionist intellectuals and radicals in Palestine sympathetic to his ideas, Magnes formed an association called Ihud [Union], which publicly supported the bi-national plan for Palestine.
Located on the far-left fringe of the Zionist world, Ihud enjoyed the support of a remarkable number of distinguished Jewish cultural and intellectual figures, including not only Magnes but also the great religious existentialist philosopher Martin Buber; Henrietta Szold, the founder of Hadassah; and Albert Einstein.
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In 1942, Szold joined with Judah Magnes and other Zionists to create the Ihud (Heb.
The defense of Alfred Dreyfus spearheaded by Clemenceau and Jaures; the French and Danish resistance to the Nazis; the Ihud group of binationalist Zionists led by her friend Judah Magnes; the U.S.
wing of Magnes' Ihud group and the Marxist-Zionist youth movement Hashomer Hatzair, may not have been of sufficient political or social significance to warrant a book-length study.
Furthermore, the university's central figures, and many of its founders, were among the prominent members of Brit-Shalom, and later of Ihud: Hugo Bergman, Akiba Ernst Simon, Gershom Scholem, Martin Buber, Shmuel Sambursky, Judah L.
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