IHUKIce Hockey UK (governing body of British ice hockey)
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Mulvenna is due to sign a contract today, although there is a get-out clause should the league remain outside the IHUK.
They also argue that IHUK has withheld information about the offer of an inter-league competition with the Findus British National League, the league Blaze won last season before leaving.
Eamon Convery, chairman of the EIHL, said: "We don't believe there is anything wrong with the basis of the Elite League and therefore have to challenge the rights of IHUK to continually refuse affiliation when each condition has been addressed.
The Elite League has insisted that it will run despite the latest blow from IHUK.
The EIHA, which runs the third tier EPIHL league, is one of the members of IHUK, and has the right to form new leagues at will.
But the EIHL will not have a voice at the table at IHUK in the same way that the Findus British National League does as it will be represented by EIHA.
Cowley said that other members of the IHUK board had indicated this not to be the case, and said: "The only recent communication we have had from IHUK is that they will consider our correspondence further at their next meeting in late June.
Gary Stefan, general manager of FBNL and a director of Ice Hockey UK, said: ``I feel that our role at IHUK has been very superficial over the years, because of the way that the British Ice Hockey Association relinquished responsibilities to individuals they thought could run ice hockey better.
But Robertson has told them that he has been unable to contact the IHUK board to get the reasons for the non-sanctioning of the EIHL.
IHUK cited debts from the old Superleague and the interests of the sport as being behind their reason.
IHUK have not given their reasons for not giving EIHL the green light immediately.
At present the EIHL has not been sanctioned by IHUK and it is our hope that further talks can take place to use this interim period to convince all the team owners that the way forward is together.