IHVRInstitute for Hepatitis and Virus Research (Pennsylvania)
IHVRIntegrated Hierarchical Variable Resolution
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The lead scientist for the new HCV drug is Michael Soffia, PhD, a professor with the Hepatitis B Foundation / IHVR, and also a co-founder with Higgins and Bryce Roberts in a new company focused on liver and infectious diseases called OnCore Biopharma.
The mission of the IHVR, also known as the "Pennsylvania Commonwealth Institute," is to use discovery science to find new therapies for viral hepatitis and liver cancer; to advance its research discoveries through traditional scholarship and educational opportunities; to nurture biotechnology; and to promote public health outreach programs to improve the quality of life for those affected by viral hepatitis.
8220;The Hepatitis B Foundation and IHVR are extremely grateful to Pennsylvania and the CURE program for awarding grant funds to further this critical research.