IHXInternal Heat Exchanger (engine cooling)
IHXIntermediate/Input Heat Exchanger
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In secondary sodium system, the sodium coolant flows through four IHX (Intermediate Heat Exchangers).
The IHX itself, constructed of austenitic stainless steel, consists of an upper and lower tube sheet separated by straight tubes with a central downcomer for incoming intermediate sodium and a riser for outgoing intermediate sodium.
Primary sodium from the hot upper reactor pool, which enters the IHX at 485[Degrees]C (905[Degrees]F) and is cooled to 338[Degrees]C (640[Degrees]F) by the time it leaves, flows into a reactor lower plenum.
The IHX is structurally designed on a faulted basis to withstand the full 7.
The company had designed and built the IHXs for the Clinch River Breeder Reactor plant and the Fast Flux Test Facility in Richland, Wash.