IHYAI Hate You All
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Since the late 1990s, various scholars of Islam have emphasised that sustainable development can be achieved in Muslim societies by applying an Islamic economic system and traditional Islamic institutions geared towards resource management, including haram (forbidden area), hisbah (public inspection office), hema (a reserve area), waqf (pious endowment) and ihya (land reclamation).
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In the men's 10km event, Fikad Kibreab of Eritrea won in 29min 56sec, with compatriot Habtom Welderufael two seconds behind and Morocco's Ihya Bin Yousuf third in 30:18.
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The treatise comes from the second quarter of Ihya'.
Thus the obligation to improve the Muslim Ummah (community) falls under fard kifayah, (43) where undertaking business is the principal method (44) of improving the economy and community: "Be involved in business as nine out of ten sources of income lie in business." (Ihya)
"I will have to speak to my husband about what we do with the other part of it." In the 10km Road Race, victory in the men's division went to John Ndugu of Kenya (28 min, 56 secs) with Feysa Dejene Amosha of Ethiopia in second (28 min, 58 secs) and Ihya Ben-Youssef of Morocco in third (29 min, 32 secs).
The statement also paid tribute to Hakim Ullah Mehsud and Wali-Ur-Rehman who played leading role to shift this `Renaissance of Caliphate (Ihya e Khilafat)' war in every nuke and corner of the country.