IIAANYIndependent Insurance Agents Association of New York
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In his remarks to the IIAANY gathering, Velella also pledged his commitment to continue to oppose wrap-up insurance for governmental projects, citing his conviction that "it will not result in the kinds of savings that are projected by the Governor.
Dow, IIAANY affirmed its support for a wage benefit level which will provide New York State employees with an increased wage loss adjustment as well as for legislation that would repeal the decision in Dole.
Finally, on auto insurance--specifically, auto insurance commissions paid to agents--IIAANY commended the New York State Legislature and the Insurance Department for "working with IIAANY to achieve the healthiest insurance market in the country.
All these concerns are IIAANY agency items for the coming year, he added.
Since the secrecy has worn off, I thought I would share with you a tribute which I presented to outgoing IIAANY President Richard O.
Barrett urged IIAANY members to oppose the legislation.
The IIAANY resolution points out that "there continues to be insurance consumers in the states of New Jersey and New York who must obtain their auto insurance in the New Jersey Joint Underwriting Association, but who prefer the representation of New York-based agent or broker.
A third resolution notes the support of IIAANY for the mission of the Alliance For The Separation of Banking and Insurance to close the loopholes in the Federal Bank Holding Company Act.
Outgoing IIAANY President Dave Fazioli was inducted into the Order of the Purple Duck, a very select society of former IIAANY Presidents.
David Pazioli, IIAANY president, said the association brought the matter to the attention of the Insurance Department, which has indicated that a binder has the same force as a policy and that there is no reason it should not be accepted.
He added that he planned to look to his predecessors, including his father, and to many colleagues for the kind of support that has made the IIAANY a "standout organization.
John Ecker is chairman of the IIAANY committee and Charles A.