IIAGIndependent Insurance Agents of Georgia
IIAGIndustry Implementation Advisory Group (Tourism Australia; Sydney, New South Wales, Australia)
IIAGInsurance Internal Audit Group (Halifax, PA)
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The result suggests that the variation among African countries' IIAGs is slightly significant.
The five countries with the best governance levels in Africa, as ranked by the IIAG, are Mauritius, Cabo Verde, Botswana, South Africa and Seychelles, and all five have been ranked in the top five by the index since 2000.
The IIAG has had a good response from African governments and Delapalme says that other organisations are keen to replicate its approach in relation to economies in other parts of the world.
IIAG was established in recognition of the need for a robust, comprehensive and quantifiable tool for civil society to track government performance in Africa.
Since 2000, of the 94 indicators included in the IIAG, the ten most improved are Antiretroviral Treatment Provision, Ratio of External Debt Service to Exports, Digital Connectivity, Core International Human Rights Conventions, Cross-Border Tensions, Legislation on Violence Against Women, Immunisation (Measles & DPT), Women in Parliament, Primary School Completion and Child Mortality.
The 2013 IIAG noted that the strongest improvements at the continental level are registered in the categories of Human Development, Sustainable Economic Opportunity and, to a lesser extent, Participation and Human Rights.
Providing a broader perspective of the country s performance, the 2013 IIAG ranks Liberia 29th overall, improved by +24.
Despite improvements since 2000, the 2013 IIAG notes that Liberia s governance scored 50.
We are thrilled to receive this endorsement from IIAG," said John Varner, President of Sovereign.
Members of IIAG will be able to learn more about the Health Perx[TM] suite of services by going to www.
The IIAG shows that all the indicators, those regarding education and above all healthcare, have progressed.