IIAMInternational Institute for the Advancement of Medicine (Jessup, PA)
IIAMInstitute of Internal Auditors Malaysia
IIAMIndependent Insurance Agents of Mississippi
IIAMIndependent Insurance Agents of Maryland
IIAMIndependent Insurance Agents of Montana (Helena, MT)
IIAMIt Is A Mystery
IIAMInstitute for Infrastructure Asset Management (Latham, NY)
IIAMIndian Institute of Arbitration and Mediation
IIAMInsurance Information Association of Michigan
IIAMInternational Impact Assessment Model
IIAMIndependent Insurance Agents of Michigan
IIAMInternational Integrated Assessment Model
IIAMInternational Institute of Aviation and Management
IIAMIndependent Insurance Agents of Massachusetts
IIAMIndian Institute of Alternative Medicines
IIAMIndian Institute of Advanced Management
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2014:49); F: Seed from the Planta Ripios-2 site (from Belmar and Quiroz 2008); G: Seed from the IIAM exhibit, unknown site, probably Solcor 3 (Manuel Constantino Torres, personal communication 2013) (photograph by Nicolas Aguayo); H: Seed from IIAM exhibit, unknown site (photograph by Nicolas Aguayo); I: Seed from the Quitor-2 site (from Caffarena 2014:160); J: Seed from the Solcor Nueva Poblacion site (from Caffarena 2014:160).
Alinhado com a estrategia do MINAG, estabelecida no Plano Estrategico para o Desenvolvimento do Setor Agricola (PEDSA) e a Estrategia para o Desenvolvimento Rural (EDR), e demandado pelos pesquisadores do IIAM (FINGERMANN, 2015), o ProALIMENTOS almeja aprimorar a producao e distribuicao de hortalicas locais por meio dos seguintes componentes integrados: (i) pesquisa socioeconomica dos produtores locais; (ii) fortalecimento das atividades de producao; e (iii) treinamento em pos-colheita e processamento agricola (FINGERMANN, 2015).
A comprehensive description of the IIAM is given in Bernstein et al.
The IIAM is a useful tool for quantifying these effects.
The key assets that the city wished to include in the fully implemented IIAM were pavements, water distribution, gas distribution, sanitary sewers, storm sewers, sewer/water facilities, sidewalk/curb, traffic and parking, bridges, signs, fleet, right-of-way appurtenances, and access to data on third party subsystems such as cable, telephone, electrical, etc.
Los mapuche en la epoca colonial, IIAM (Instituto de Investigaciones Arqueologicas y Museo), Universidad Catolica del Norte.
They include: President-Elect - Marian O'Rourke, RN, Tulane University Medical Center, New Orleans, LA; Secretary - Carrie Comellas, RN, New York Organ Donor Network, New York, NY; Treasurer - Lori Coleman, RN, Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Cleveland, OH; Councilors at Large - Cathy Garvey, RN, Fairview University Medical Center, Minneapolis, MN; Nancy Harrington, RS, University Medical Center, Tucson, AZ; Gina Dunne-Smith, IIAM, Jessup, PA; Bill Hasskamp, LifeShare of the Carolinas, Black Mountain, NC; and Lindsay Arnott, RN, Children's Medical Center-Dallas, TX.
IIAM a great fan of Monty Python and will,given half a chance, recite the dead parrot and other sketches ad infinitum until pleas for mercy prompt me to stop.
Recientemente, tomando como base los resultados de un analisis morfometrico -y la subsecuente propuesta de interpretacion de los mismos datos- realizado a tabletas trapezoidales con y sin iconografia tiawanaku de la coleccion del IIAM, se puede sostener que en conjunto dichas tabletas alcanzan un 25% en el universo de tabletas conservadas (2) (Figura 1a).
Politicas del Pasado: Indigenas, Arqueologos y Estado en Atacama, Linea Editorial IIAM, Santiago.
Linea editorial IIAM, Universidad Catolica del Norte y Universidad de Chile, San Pedro de Atacama, Santiago.
According to Walker, Shafer, and Iiams (2004), the standards of the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) and new Title III legislation: