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IIASInternational Institute for Advanced Studies (Kyoto, Japan)
IIASInternational Internet Associate Symposium
IIASInternational Internet Advertising Services
IIASInventory Information Approval System
IIASIndian Institute of Advanced Study
IIASInternational Institute of Administrative Sciences
IIASInternational Institute of Asian Studies (Leiden and Amsterdam, Netherlands)
IIASIstituto Italiano Alimenti Surgelati (Italian: Italian Frozen Food Institute)
IIASInternational Internet Advertising Services (Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada)
IIASInternational Institute of American Studies (est. 1958; Doshisha University; Japan)
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According to the traditional jurisprudence, MFNT could only apply to the Substantive Treatment Standards (STS)s within IIAs. (13) At several occasions, foreign investors have invoked the clause to import more favourable STSs from other IIAs.
Private sector lender, Yes Bank (YESBANK.NS), has purchased a 5 percent stake in proxy advisory firm, Institutional Investor Advisory Service (IiAS).
The pathogens responsible for IIAs include bacteria, fungi, and in rare cases, viruses.
(12) Consequently, instead of a multilateral framework, a system of predominantly bilateral agreements started developing from the 1960s and onward, with IIAs that either took the form of free-standing bilateral investment treaties (BITs), or of investment chapters within broader agreements.
While the two variants of the first approach purport "to set forth the responsibilities" of the relevant stakeholders in the international investment process,13 their observance, in and of themselves, by investors is "voluntary and not legally enforceable." 14 The effectiveness of such principles and guidelines thus depends on, among other things, their incorporation by investors into corporate policies and "project identification and implementation."15 The second approach goes further by seeking to "operationalize" sustainable development objectives into IIAs by enumerating "a comprehensive compilation of policy options available to IIA negotiators."16 A number of proposed IIA design options merit particular attention:
The new legal approach t o protecting foreign investments is a function of the government's dissatisfaction with the constraints IIAs imposed upon South Africa to regulate in critical areas - such as the Black Economic Empowerment policy and the fight against AIDS and other diseases - while not delivering the expected outcome to attract sufficient foreign investments into the country.
The first day saw legal meetings of the IIAS and the IASIA.
This is a worrisome trend, IIAS says, adding that CEO remuneration levels should be comparable , irrespective of whether the CEO represents the promoter or is a professional.
The Confederation of Indian Industries welcomed the new policy, especially the sections on the IIAs, and micro, small and medium enterprises which form the backbone of economic growth constituting 80 percent of the total enterprises.
IIAs are commonly caused by subacute bacterial endocarditis (SBE) resulting in circulation of infected emboli.
Sulstarova also drew attention to the reports findings regarding investment policy trends, indicating that, "the number of international investment agreements (IIAs) is increasing," with four new IIAs established globally per week.
Muscat, November 2 (ONA) The National Document and Archive Authority will take part in the 19th conference of the International Archive Day in Italy on November 9th and 10th within the course programme of the International Institute for Archival Science (IIAS) in the city of Tresta from November 8th till 15th.