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IIASAInternational Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (Austria)
IIASAInstitute of Islamic and Arabic Sciences in America (Fairfax, VA)
IIASAIndependent Insurance Agents of San Antonio (est. 1913; San Antonio, TX)
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Although it does not assume convergence toward a single level, IIASA, like the UN, projects that fertility levels will generally fall in developing regions--by the greatest amounts in sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East--and will rise in developed regions where the rate is already at 1.
Climate Change and Global Agricultural Potential: A Case of Kenya" IIASA Working Paper WP-96-071.
According to the IIASA study, the percentage of the world's population over age 60 is likely to increase from the current 10% to 22% in 2050, then 34% in 2100.
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Stefan Pfenninger, who led the study while working at IIASA, said that solar energy systems can satisfy much more of our hunger for electricity, at not much more cost than what we currently have.
In a new study published today in the journal PLOS ONE, IIASA researchers Warren Sanderson, Professor of Economics with joint appointment in History at Stony Brook and Serguei Scherbov show that hand grip corresponds to other markers of aging such as people's future mortality, disability, cognitive decline and ability to recover from hospital stays.