IIBMInformatics in Biology and Medicine
IIBMIndian Institute of Business Management (India)
IIBMInstituto Internacional Bravo Murillo (Spanish business school)
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El proceso para elaborar el IIBM consto de cinco pasos: 1.
Analisis de las variables que pueden hacer parte del indice de integridad (seleccion de 8 a 12 variables medibles, asignacion de puntaje a dichas variables, sumatoria de los puntajes para el IIBM, diseno de una escala de integridad de la comunidad, interpretacion de resultados) (Modificado de U.S.
La sumatoria de los puntajes de las variables del IIBM permitio ubicar el sitio dentro de una de las clases hipoteticas propuestas (Tabla 5).
To address this issue, the Georgia Tech researchers designed and built a centrifuge to test the IIBM suction cup gripper.
Holcomb says the machine was well-received at the International Poultry expo held in Atlanta last January, and he feels commercialization of the IIBM looks promising.
The IIBM was conceived in 1992 and has gone through a number of refinements and redesigns.
After four months of lab testing, the IIBM prototype was sent to the ConAgra (the producer of Butterball and Country Pride products) plant in Gainesville, Ga.
In addition to cutting costs, the IIBM is simple to install and maintain.
The new IIBM is a hybrid of pneumatics and electro-servo drives.
After four months of lab testing, the current IIBM prototype has been sent to the factory floor in a ConAgra facility in Gainesville, GA.
Each major reference department received an IIBM PS/ 2 and a laser printer with the Helvetica and Times Roman font families.
La sustancia creada por los investigadores del IIBM virtualmente elimina el parasito, que se aloja en los musculos del animal.