IICIIndustrial Interoperability Compliance Institute (Research Triangle Park, NC; International Society of Automation)
IICIInformatization Index for the Construction Industry
IICIInstitute for International Criminal Investigation (Hague, Netherlands)
IICIIndonesian Institute for Competitive Intelligence (Jakarta)
IICIInternational Institute of Intellectual Cooperation
IICIIllinois Insurance Center, Inc.
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The IICI project is financed by the EU to the amount of 2.7 million and will be implemented by the World Bank.
(5) La primera aproximacion puntual la realizo Corinne Pernet (2015), quien al estudiar el "espiritu de armonia" que intento crear la SDN -revisando los libros de texto de historia- explico la propuesta de Levillier como un proyecto revisionista que no obtuvo el apoyo por distintos motivos: para Gran Bretana y Estados Unidos se priorizaba excesivamente el colonialismo espanol; para los funcionarios del IICI era imposible costear la cantidad de volumenes; para algunos latinoamericanos, como Gabriela Mistral, era un apoyo incondicional a la leyenda blanca de la conquista de America y, por ende, a la Espana mas reaccionaria.
In 1926, the International Institute of Intellectual Cooperation (IICI) started its operation.
The delegates of the League of Nations preferred no organization at all, but they found an organization controlled by IICI to be the lesser evil.
In addition, the Biosafety Resource Network (BRN) which was founded in 2009 and provides support to projects at the Danforth Center, will serve as a key resource of the IICI. In this expanded role, the BRN will provide support for projects to improve staple crops inside and outside the Danforth Center as well as those that go beyond the central theme of “food security” such as to reduce the spread of malaria or develop microbial regulators of plant growth.
(82) Section 26 of the legislation (which became the Migration Legislation Amendment Ad 1989 (Cth) (No 59 of 1989)) introduced a new provision into the Migration Act empowering the Minister to set aside a decision of the newly created Immigration Review Tribunal (IICI) (83) and 'substitute a decision that is more favourable to the applicant' where 'the Minister thinks that it is in the public interest to do so'.
Hina Jilani, Advocate of the Supreme Court of Pakistan and former Special Representative of the Secretary General on Human Rights Defenders; and Colonel (retired from the Irish Armed Forces) Desmond Travers, member of the Board of Directors of the Institute for International Criminal Investigations (IICI).
Asi, bajo el manto de la Sociedad de Naciones, nacio el instituto internacional de cooperacion intelectual de Paris (IICI)--antecedente institucional de la UNESCO--, el cual marcaria un punto de inflexion en la historia del internacionalismo cientifico e intelectual.
Already two international associations of war crimes investigators have been formed--the Institute for International Criminal Investigations ("IICI") and the International Association of War Crimes Investigators ("IAWCI").
Cuando el IICI es mayor a uno, el pais j importa en una mayor proporcion del pais que del resto del mundo.
The PerforMax II and Performax IICI are static neutralizing systems that automatically sense the ion output needed to neutralize a charged surface and adjusts this output to achieve effective static neutralizing performance.
I then pull together my notes and recollections and sit down at my home computer (a venerable Macintosh IIci) to peck out my findings.