IICPIncreased Intracranial Pressure
IICPIndian Institute of Cerebral Palsy (Calcutta, India)
IICPInter IKEA Centre Polska (Polish: Inter IKEA Center Poland)
IICPInstitute for Information and Communications Policy (Japan)
IICPInstitutional Investing in Commercial Property (conference)
IICPInstitut International de la Communication de Paris (French: International Institute of Communications of Paris)
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RJN will also develop a Private Sector Program (PSP) and a Long-Term Operations and Maintenance Program (LTOMP) as required by the MWRD IICP.
This program will bring Buffalo Grove into compliance with MWRD IICP requirements by the end of 2019.
Table 2 shows a correlation matrix between all pairs of variables in model two (2) including Gross Fixed Capital Formation (GFCF), insurance inter-relation ratio (IIR), insurance claims payment (IICP), Insurance penetration ratio (IPR) and total insurance investment (TII).
The ordering of the variables is IIR -> IICP -> IPR -> TII -> GFCF.
Postoperative brain CT was not routinely performed for patients with good recovery after DC and was reserved for patients suffering from persistently IICP, poor consciousness recovery, seizure, or pupil dilatation.
In patients with severe head injury, IICP has been recognized as one of the most important factors affecting morbidity and mortality rates.
Important clinical findings included intraoperative brain swelling, pupil dilatation, postoperative neurological deterioration, seizure, and intractable IICP should be proposed as warning signs that should alert suspicion.
[sup][5],[12],[13],[14] Despite that the relationship between IICP and DDS and its mechanism require further elucidation, these studies show us that ICP monitoring during HD may help guide management and that measurements to prevent DDS, especially in high risk, neurosurgical patients, may also aid in preventing ICP fluctuation and thus warrant our consideration.