IICRIP3 (Inositol Triphosphate)-Induced Calcium Release
IICRInstitute for Intellectual Capital Research (Ontario, Canada)
IICRIRRC (Investor Responsibility Research Center) Institute for Corporate Responsibility
iiCRInformation in the Consulting Room (Information and Communication Technology Research Initiative; UK)
IICRIndian Institute of Coffee Research (formerly Central Coffee Research Institute)
IICRIncremental Innovation Cost Reduction
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Performance scores from the IICR were manually recorded onto the rubric and entered into a spreadsheet.
Participants felt that measures of IPC were generally lacking and that the IICR was a promising step toward filling that gap.
The results of this study suggest that the IICR is a valid and reliable tool for measuring nurse-to-physician communication in simulation.
Categories identified through qualitative analysis of the data in this study were supportive of the IICR rubric.