IIDBTIntegrated Interactive Data Briefing Tool
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Before the IIDBT was available, Second Fleet staff received data via electronic text messages that duplicated the same data that was already being fed directly into various database systems.
Now, those questions can be answered on the spot because the IIDBT allows users to interactively tap into data sources.
By presenting the update in HTML format instead of the large PowerPoint files that were formerly used, the IIDBT also helps reduce the presentation's bandwidth demands.
Another critical advantage of the IIDBT's methodology is that using XML Web services does not require special modifications to existing data sources.
Using XML Web services also simplifies ongoing management of the IIDBT platform by providing a layer of abstraction that allows the fleet to modify and replace technology within the data management layer without affecting the applications or services that consume the data.
The Navy and Marine Corps can apply the savings provided by the IIDBT wherever data must be transformed into knowledge to support critical decisions.