IIDMInstituto Iberoamericano de Derecho Marítimo (Spanish: Iberoamerican Institute of Maritime Law)
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The variables included in the area-based principle, the local ownership of the methods of management and financing, and the coordination of local strategies and national policies act as input or transmission in both maps, gaining relevance for the system as transmission variables within the IIDM. Participants perceive the principles linked to endogenous and physical resources, and local agency as key factors for development and change, as expected by the RTD approach.
The variables defining the bottom-upapproach, the public-private partnerships and the innovation principles present differences in DIDM, but consolidate their transmission role in IIDM. These principles linked to intangibles increase their role as drivers in the long term.
DIDM and IIDM classifications shed light on the role played by each variable in the short and medium/long term, highlighting the variables that can stir changes and those with limited influence capacity to do so, according to the views of the actors.
With the success of the first CDM Acceleration Program, the International Institute of Digital Marketing (IIDM) is holding its 2nd run on Feb.
The Institution for the Improved Instruction of Deaf Mutes (IIDM), created in the 1860s and housed at 67th Street and Lexington Avenue, was technically nonsectarian but had been established and run by Jews for some thirty years.
Mark Blumenthal, the IIDM was for the first twelve years of its existence "specifically understood" to be "for the unfortunate Deaf-Mutes of our own faith." (20) The institution was the brainchild of Bernard Engelsmann, a Jewish immigrant to New York who had served as a teacher in Joel Deutsch's Jewish deaf school in Vienna.
It is not clear if, in these early decades of the IIDM's history, the state was sending the institution mostly Jewish students, whether the Jewish percentage of the student body declined over the years (and, if so, how quickly), or if there was some unspoken understanding that it functioned as a Jewish school.
Blumenthal's formulation brushed over an unsavory moment in the IIDM's history; it is likely that the shift in leadership and direction he outlined was actually catalyzed by financial scandal.
Whether the IIDM's officers felt that antisemitism underpinned the Board of Charities' accusations eludes the historical record.
The IIDM and Mobext have pinned down three integral brand objectives that serve as the focus of each of the summit's sessions: brand building, sales, and loyalty.
Hans RoxasChua, Codirector of the IIDM Program and CoChair of the CMO Mobile Summit 2014, added: "Mobile has so much untapped potential here in the Philippines.
Peach Natividad, Digital Strategy Director of McCann Worldgroup and IIDM lecturer for Digital Analytics, cannot stress enough the importance of key performance indicators (KPIs) in Digital Marketing.