IIDRInstitute for Image Data Research (est. 1997; University of Northumbria at Newcastle; UK)
IIDRIllinois Institute for Dispute Resolution (US Department of Education)
IIDRInstitute for Infectious Disease Research (Canada)
IIDRIndependent Informal Dispute Resolution (nursing; Minnesota Department of Health)
IIDRInternal Implementation Design Review (engineering)
IIDRInstitutional Institute for Dream Research (Canada)
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Preparing for either IDR or IIDR consumes facility resources, but depending on the allegations and their consequences, it may be a wise investment of facility time and energy.
An IIDR requires that the state's longterm care (LTC) ombudsman and any residents (or their representatives) involved with the challenged deficiency must be notified and be allowed to submit their written statements to the IIDR entity.
Whether or not a facility pursues an IDR or IIDR, the facility may still request a hearing before an administrative law judge (AU) of the Departmental Appeals Board.
If there is clear evidence of substantial compliance with regulatory requirements, then a facility should pursue IDR (or IIDR) and consider filing an appeal."
El IIDR senala como principales destinatarios las galerias de arte, museos, periodicos y bibliotecas de diapositivas, asi como en general todas aquellas organizaciones cuyo trabajo reside en el tratamiento de colecciones de imagenes.
No obstante, hemos de destacar todos los estudios realizados en esa linea por el Instituto para el que ambos autores trabajan, el ya citado IIDR.
El ejemplo en este sentido nos viene, tanto de mano de las actividades del IIDR britanico, como de las exposiciones de Robledano en nuestro pais.
1.5.4 Offerors will provide a sample IIDR Report and Recommendation with their proposal.etc.
Ability to evaluate at least 140 IIDR s annually, regardless of complexity.
Develop a statewide IIDR process for nursing homes that have been assessed a civil money
Establish a timeline for each IIDR within two (2) business days of timely request for review, and conduct an IIDR within forty-five (45) calendar days of request.
The IIDR contractor will work with Division staff to ensure timely completion of reviews so that the written notice of the final decision is provided to the facility ithin 60 calendar days of the Division s receipt of the IIDR request.