IIEDSIndividual Investor Express Delivery Service
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* The specific embedded intention in an IIED appears to act just like a thermodynamic potential to intelligently produce change in the needed physical processes and thus alter the basic properties of the materials involved.
We proceed by first seeing where, in today's description of physics, are there allowable "windows" through which subtle domain forces could act and perhaps lead to an IIED. Next, let us see how such devices, via a simple ON/OFF switch, appear to be able to broadcast a "prime directive" to the target experiments.
However, in relatively simple electronic systems (like an IIED), one has come to expect that the output performance can be completely and exactly characterized based upon the system design along with its specific material and electrical component parameters, i.e., the output response / input signal ratio is independent of any other factors than these.
It is the IIED that appears to stabilize this higher gauge symmetry state until the locale becomes strongly "conditioned," which we propose to be associated with patches of order forming in this dynamically amorphous vacuum.
Utilizing an electronic device to somehow store this collective, specific intent in some presently undefined structural phase of the vacuum has many obvious advantages (especially if the processed IIED has been raised, in a key part, to the SU(2) gauge symmetry level).
Experimentally, the data shows that continued use of an IIED leads to stronger and stronger correlations between simultaneously measured pH-oscillations at two or more remotely located vessels of water plus Zn[CO.sub.3] particles.