IIGSInternational Institute of Gurmat Studies (Sikh organization)
IIGSInteractive Image-Guided Surgery (laparoscopic surgery)
IIGSInternational Internet Genealogy Society
IIGSInitial Image Generating Subsystem
IIGSIndian Institute of Geographical Studies
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Various IIGs have exploited the porous border with Myanmar, which is subject to a 16 km Free Movement Regime that allows tribal groups to maintain contact with kin across the border without visas.
While governments have experimented with different forms of the IIGS, a fairly common structure has emerged.
In addition, the lab offers a Macintosh IIci, an Apple IIGS with an ImageWriter II dot matrix printer that has color capability, a Panasonic Business Partner (DOS compatible), an Iverson DX386/33 (Windows compatible), and a Macintosh SE with 4 megabytes of RAM, which is used for the Electronic Career Connection.
Laservision, betamax Skywriting 78-rpm records 8-track tapes Colecovision Intellivision Teddy Ruxpin The Altair 8800, Amiga 500, Apple I, II, IIc, IIe, II+, IIgs, III, Apple Lisa, Apple Lisa MacXL, Commodore C64, Commodore Pet, IBM XT, IBM Portable, IBM PCjr, Intertek Superbrain II, Kaypro 2x, Osborne 1, Tandy 1000, Tandy 1000SL, TRS-80, and hundreds of other personal computers
* Demonstrate using the Apple IIgs computer, video camera, ImageWriter[R] printer, Computer Eyes[R] digitizer and Platinum Paints[R] software.
Because Kids Network has software for Apple IIGS, Macintosh, and DOS platforms, and because U.S.
Also Apple II-plus, IIE, IIC, IIGS versions and hand-held version.
Requirements for use with an Apple II system include an Apple IIe, IIc, IIgs with 128K RAM, 80 column card, ProDos 2.1 or higher, and two floppy drives.
Apple II and IIgs systems still dominate elementary schools.
The FreeWheel was designed to use with an IBM system, but it also works with a Macintosh or Apple IIGS. You can try the system for 30 days for $50, which applies to the purchase price.
Choices include an Apple IIC Monochrome System for a register tape value of $70,000 to a Apple IIGS Color System for a $160,000 register tape value.