IIHRIowa Institute of Hydraulic Research (College of Engineering; University of Iowa; Iowa City, IA)
IIHRInstitute for International Human Resources
IIHRIndian Institute of Human Rights (New Delhi, India)
IIHRIndian Institute for Horticultural Research
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Like IIHR members, SHRM Global Forum members benefit from an online membership directory of global peers, an online bulletin board for human resource management discussions and e-mail/fax access to the Society's Information Center of human resource experts.
For more information about SHRM Global Forum or IIHR programs, contact Dave Patel at 703-535-6036; or e-mail: dpatel@shrm.
The ScanMaker IIHR is also available with the full version of Adobe Photoshop and Caere's OmniPage Direct for PC or Macintosh and has a street price of around $1,099.
Previously, DCR was included with the ScanMaker IISP and IIHR, but now will be available through resellers and mail order catalogs.
0 (Mac) Direct OmniPage DCR Direct ScanMaker IIHR N/A $799 to N/A N/A Picture for Windows $849 SSP Publisher OmniPage Direct ScanMaker IIHR N/A $799 to N/A N/A Photoshop LE for Macintosh $849 SSP OmniPage Direct MS-II $549 SSP $399 to OmniPage $425 Direct
Developed for Microtek's ScanMaker IIHR high resolution color scanner and the ScanMaker III 36-bit color scanner, ScanWizard allows users to easily organize image files, view and edit images, and integrate their scanning and printing applications.
Currently, ScanWizard is offered as a bundled product from Microtek, free with the purchase of either a ScanMaker IIHR of ScanMaker III color flatbed scanner.
Tenders are invited for Handling of Import Shipments /Customs Clearance of IIHR, Bangalore on Annual Rate Contract Basis for 2014-2015 Agency Fee/Service Charges ,Customs Clearance/Examination charges ,Documentation charges ,Handling Charges ,EDI Charges ,Transportation from Bengaluru International
Labour Charges for Loading/unloading at Ware House and IIHR Stores.