IIHRIowa Institute of Hydraulic Research (College of Engineering; University of Iowa; Iowa City, IA)
IIHRInstitute for International Human Resources
IIHRIndian Institute of Human Rights (New Delhi, India)
IIHRIndian Institute for Horticultural Research
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After more than two years, Indian researchers from IIHR have succeeded in standardizing the mushroom for domestic cultivation.
Mr V Srinivasan, Associate Vice President, TAFE Doddaballapur Plant, Mr S Ramakrishnan, CITO, TAFE, Dr K Srinivasan, Sr Chief Agri Economist, TAFE, Dr N Nagaraja, Director of Extension, UAS, Bangalore, Dr R Chithiraichelvan, IIHR, Dr M Prabhakar, IIHR, Dr Y T N Reddy, IIHR, Dr P Sampath Kumar, IIHR, and Dr A Rekha, IIHR, were among those who guided the farmers.