IIINInsteel Industries, Inc. (stock symbol; Mount Airy, NC)
IIINInsurance Industry Internet Network
IIINIslamic Internet & Information Network
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For household social class, the highest ranking occupation of members of each household was assigned to one of the following categories: I Professional (6%) II Intermediate (29%) IIIN skilled non-manual (22%) IIIM skilled manual (17%) IV partly skilled (11%)V unskilled (2%) Other-Armed forces/inadequately described/not classified (14%).
Tanks on the German side include the Panzer IIIH, Panzer IIIJ, Panzer IIIN, Panzer IVE, Panzer IVF2, Panzer IVH, Panther D, Panther A, Panther G, and Warfare early and late model Tigers.
teachers and most managerial and senior administrative occupations) IIIN Nonmanual skilled occupations (e.