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IILInternational Institute for Learning
IILIntegrated Injection Logic
IILInsurance Institute of London (London, England, UK)
IILI'm in Love
IILIspat Industries, Ltd. (steel production; India)
IILInternational Industries Limited (Pakistan)
IILIslamic Institute of Learning (Saint Louis, MO)
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IIL is a single parent or pure captive insurer wholly owned by INPEX, which is the largest oil and gas exploration and production company in Japan.
It added that IIL had engaged experienced legal counsel in both the countries to aggressively contest the inquiries initiated by the CBSA and CITT.
Watch the Agile and Scrum Promotional Video and visit IIL's website to learn more about the Agile and Scrum 2018 online conference as well as other related courses available.
MS: IIL is the largest manufacturer of pipes and tubes in Pakistan with production capacity of 750,000 tons.
IIL said acquiring Orbital adds innovation that complements ILL's offerings, giving Orbital's clients full access to IIL's portfolio of services, products and courses using the company's Many Methods of Learning.
As an innovative market leader in Pakistan, IIL has recently extended its ERW API product range from 6i OD to 12" OD in PSL 1 and PSL 2.
The other 3 tests, that is, OPV, IIL, and JSD, are more consistent to sensitivity and 1--specificity line and also with an increased area under the curve compared to the combined and the remaining airway tests.
We employed the value-exploiting (SL) and the value-augmenting type of work (LIL or IIL) (Kuemmerle 1997).
Sakai along with members of IIL Board of Directors attended the event.
According to Engineering Development Board (EDB), this large diameter steel pipe manufacturing facility will allow IIL to produce hollow structural steel sections to modernise and reform the construction and engineering industry in the country.
Researchers have documented a spectrum of personal changes experienced by IIL returnees ranging from general personal growth (Walling et al., 2006) to specific changes such as openness, curiosity (Koch, Ross, Wendell, & Aleksandrova-Howell, 2014), and greater confidence in navigating novel situations (Braskamp & Engberg, 2011).
not to request any changes beside one which they insisted to: the words 'August 17 2008' will be corrected to--'the duration of the IIL case'".