IILAIstituto Italo-Latino Americano (Italian: Italian-Latin American Institute; Italy)
IILAInternational Institute of Los Angeles (Los Angeles, CA)
IILAInternational Institute of Loss Adjusters (Lombard, IL)
IILAInternational Internet Learning Association
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However, the correlation between equity-to-total assets (ETA) ratio and IILA is significant at the 5 per cent level since the t-value of 0.
Notes: CLR--Classified Loans Ratio LLRCL--Loan Loss Reserves as a percentage of Classified Loans CLES--Classified Loans as a percentage of Equity Stock PAE--Permanent assets-to-equity ratio ETA--Equity-to-total assets ELA--Equity-to-loans and advances Source: Extracted from the Software Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) Print-Out TABLE 12 EFFECTS OF CAPITAL ADEQUACY REQUIRED ON SELECTED EFFICIENCY MEASURES MULTIPLE REGRESSION: NIGERIA Explanatory Variables * Model Parameters PAE ETA ELA IILA Beta ([beta]) -0.
It will be signed by the Chair of Bambino Gesu hospital, Giuseppe Profiti, and by the Secretary General of the IILA, Giorgio Malfatti di Monte Tretto, in the presence of the Secretary for Relations with States at the Holy See, Monsignor Dominique Mamberti, and Foreign Minister Giulio Terzi.
They should do so with speed to prevent smuggling across the border,' said IILA CEO Emma Wanyonyi.
Low tobacco taxes and prices should not be viewed as a 'pro- poor' policy, this leads to greater tobacco use amongst the poor hence they bear a disproportionate share of the health and economic burden,' Emma Wanyonyi, the CEO of IILA, said.
The election took place at an IILA organizational meeting on March 16 at Lansdowne Conference Center in Northern Virginia.