IIMDInternational Institute for Management Development (Lausanne, Switzerland)
IIMDInternational Institute for Media Development (Spain)
IIMDIrish Institute for Management Development
IIMDInternational Institute of Metropolitan Detroit Inc (Detroit, MI)
IIMDIntentional Infliction of Mental Distress (legal)
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When compared to PRE, the percentage change in 0-5 and 5-15 m split times were significantly increased immediately following (POST), and at 24 and 48 h, but not at 72 h following the IIMD protocol (Figure 5).
The percentage change in peak power was significantly reduced immediately following the IIMD protocol (p < 0.001), at 24 (p < 0.001), and 48 h post-IIMD (p = 0.004), with no difference at 72 h post-IIMD (p = 0.800) (Figure 6).
Compared to PRE, VAS-PASS was significantly elevated immediately following the IIMD protocol (Z = -3.517, p < 0.001) (Figure 7).
The present study is the first to develop and implement a systematic method of producing IIMD in contact-sport populations, in the absence of EIMD.
This is consistent with the present findings, suggesting this delayed athletic recovery from match-play may be, at least in part, due to the deleterious effects of IIMD. When exploring the limited research investigating IIMD in a controlled manner, decrements in jumping performance reported in the present study were slightly higher than those previously reported using similar methods immediately (~6%) and 24 h (~5%) following an IIMD protocol (Johnston et al., 2014).
This lack of change might suggest that IIMD was not present in the participants, and the concomitant performance decrements were due to another aspect of muscle damage/fatigue.
To further serve the immigrant children, IIMD provided vocational counselors and a visiting teachers program, which were already offered by the public schools, with which they were collaborating.
Now: IIMD still collaborates with Detroit Public Schools in teaching ESL.
Lessons Learned: Thus, through collaboration, IIMD optimized its available resources and provided seamless, not fragmented, services--an approach that is still worth learning and highly recommended (Rosenblum, DiCecco, Taylor, & Adelman, 1995).
Then: IIMD sent and received referrals from welfare, employment, and legal agencies to provide family life education and support to immigrant families.
IIMD provided direct services to their clients on the immigration and naturalization processes and family reunification (Sickels, 1945); educational and vocational guidance; personal, family, and marital adjustment; and physical and mental illnesses.
For example, IIMD had a formal, yet very close, relationship with the Michigan State Employment Service to help immigrants whose language problems made it difficult for them to get jobs.