IINAInternational Islamic News Agency
IINAIndemnity Insurance Company of North America (Philadelphia, PA)
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For his part, IINA Acting Director General Ali bin Ahmed Al-Ghamdi hailed the support accorded to IINA by the Minister of Culture and Information and SPA represented in its Director General Abdullah bin Fahd Al-Hussein.
The launch of IINA new website was attended by Ibrahim al-Muslim, Adviser and General Supervisor of the Minister's Office; Abdullah Al-Hussein, SPA Director General; Dr.
The aim of IINA establishment was to establish close relations between the OIC's member countries besides their development in the media field, improvement of communication and technical cooperation among the news agencies in the Islamic countries and acquainting the world public opinions with the problems of the Muslim peoples in the political, economic and social fields.
Khoja urged to develop the works of IINA to reach the desired role representing Islamic countries professionally.
Then, the participants discussed a number of issues listed on the agenda of IINA meeting.
He underlined the importance of the IINA particularly following the recent
The IINA, based in Jeddah, is a specialized organ of OIC.
IINA was established in 1972 according to a resolution by the Third Islamic
IINA distributes daily news and reports in Arabic, English and French and
Modernizing of the site is part of an ongoing major facelift of IINA, a specialized media organ of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), in order to make it play an effective role in bolstering Islamic unity and highlighting causes of Muslims worldwide.
Speaking on the occasion, Khoja praised the new website's content and style, stressing that IINA should focus on highlighting contemporary issues of the Islamic world.
Addressing the ceremony, Ali bin Ahmed Al-Ghamdi, IINA acting director general, lauded the support accorded by the minister of culture and information as well as SPA, represented by its Director General Abdullah Al-Hussein.