IIP2Second-Order Intermodulation Intercept Point (very useful parameter to predict low-level intermodulation effects)
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It is against my culture that believes that women should not wear clothes that expose their bodies for they would sexually arouse men (IIP2).
The mixer achieves conversion gain of 7.1 dB, IIP2 of 33.5 dBm, IIP3 of -6.9 dBm, noise figure of 19.6dB.
[24] [25] [26] This work Process ([micro]m) 0.18 0.18 0.18 0.18 Supply Voltage (V) 2.75 1.8 0.8 1.8 RF (GHz) 12.1 5.25 3~5 2.3~5.8 Conversion Gain (dB) 5.8 8.3 0.8~4.4 4.3~7.1 IIP2 (dBm) 17 31.2 N.A.
In order to keep the DC product below -9 dBc, the IIP2 must be
Then, in a receiver with 3 dB of front-end loss due to switches and filters, the IIP2 requirement at the LNA input becomes
This level is +20 dBm (referred to the receiver input, that is IIP2).
[a.sub.2][A.sup.2]/2 = [a.sub.1]A [leftright arrow] A = 2[a.sub.1]/[a.sub.2] = IIP2