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IIRCIf I Recall/Remember Correctly
IIRCInteractive Illinois Report Card
IIRCInternational Integrated Reporting Council
IIRCIf I Read Correctly
IIRCIto International Research Center (University of Tokyo; Japan)
IIRCIf I Really Cared
IIRCImage and Identity Research Collective
IIRCIf I Recollect Correctly
IIRCImpedance Imaging Research Center (Korea)
IIRCIf It Really Counts
IIRCInternational Internet Recruiting Consultants, Inc.
IIRCInternational Inter-Society Research Committee (on Nuclear Codes and Standards)
IIRCInternet Information Research Center
IIRCIraqi Islamic Reconciliation Conference
IIRCImmunity and Infection Research Centre
IIRCInterstate Insurance Receivership Compact
IIRCIn Internet Relay Chat
IIRCInformation Integrity Research Centre (UK)
IIRCInternational Interpretation Resource Center
IIRCInternational Interdisciplinary Research Colloquium
IIRCInactive Item Review Code (US DoD)
IIRCIsn't It Really Cool
IIRCIVF & Infertilty Research Centre (Calcutta, India)
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In the six states that IIRC studied, the industries with some of the biggest business were among the biggest spenders on lobbying.
The IIRC was established in 2009 to oversee the creation and implementation of an integrated reporting "framework within which more long-term decisions can be made, unlocking financial capital for investments as well as providing a more holistic picture of how value is created over time.
The IIRC goes on to say, 'An integrated report should be a single report which is the organization's primary report--in most jurisdictions the Annual Report or equivalent.
In the long run, the IIRC hopes this work will lead to a new understanding of how companies should work and report.
Despite that, the IIRC said that all the eight hostages were killed by the hostage-taker, Rolando Mendoza.
Its strategy was measured on a model that incorporates elements of the IIRC Framework and the balanced scorecard even before the formal announcement of the IIRC Framework.
We at the IIRC cannot change the laws in any jurisdiction in the world.
IIRC fuse unit lighting arrangement with all complete |oh ax per specification and direction of E/l.
Por ello, en concordancia con entidades como la Global Reporting Initiative, GRI y el International Integrated Reporting Council, IIRC, cuya mision es propender por la emision de una informacion mas completa que de evidencia de la generacion de valor para que las revelaciones enuncien todas las formas en que la empresa se permea con el medio, como dicen Mauricio Gomez y Diego Alexander Quintanilla (2012), la tendencia actual, a pesar de que no deberia existir sesgo, es a emitir informacion cualitativa o cuantitativa pero siguiendo la logica de la maximizacion financiera y la gestion del valor.
Ihsan bin Saleh Tayyeb, the Secretary General of IIRC, said massive quantities of foodstuffs, including rice, sugar, cooking oil, powdered milk, lentil and macaroni were distributed by the organization's office in the Levant, benefiting 5,000 families of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon, totaling more than 30,000 persons, including women, children, the elderly and the disabled.
The recent memorandum of understanding between the IASB and the IIRC is a welcome step in the right direction, as it recognises the need to improve the quality and consistency of corporate reporting for the benefit of investors and the wider economy.