IIRPInternational Institute for Restorative Practices (Bethlehem, Pennsylvania graduate school)
IIRPInternet Information Resource Page (Programming Plus; Brooklyn, NY)
IIRPInstitute for Instructional Research and Practice (University of South Florida)
IIRPImproved Item Replacement Program
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Findings from Schools Implementing Restorative Practices, IIRP. Retrieved from http://www.realjustice.org/pdf/IIRP-Improving-School-Climate.pdf
USAID -- United States Agency for International Development, responsible for administering the IIRP through a contract with Bechtel Corp.
Investigator Initiated Research Project (IIRP) Contract term will be up to three years; and Annual direct costs are capped at $300,000.
Those who successfully complete this process receive a three-day training course accredited by IIRP, which covers issues such as communication skills, introduction to the criminal justice system, role-plays and asking 'restorative' questions.
18-20: International Conference: Restorative practices; Bethlehem, PA; iirp.org/beth06/
18-20: International conference on restorative practices; Bethlehem, PA; iirp.org/beth06/
Tenders are invited for supply of items and transportation of iirps
6038 and 6038A (collectively, international information return penalties, or IIRPs), and related to late-filed Forms 5471 or 5472, depends on numerous factors.
However, notably, the International Department at the Ogden Accounts Management Center will abate IIRPs if the "related Form 1120" penalty has been abated (through either an FTA or some other means of reasonable cause) and the required returns have posted to the 1RS Master File.
However, exhibits within the IRM for IIRPs instruct the agent to not accept FTA requests for Sec.
The event-moderating Ginas Dabasinskas, head of the Information Analysis Unit of the National Library of Lithuania, invited me (a researcher at this unit) and the following three political analysts on stage: Ramunas Vilpisauskas, director of the Vilnius-based Institute of International Relations and Political Science (IIRPS); Marijus Anotonovic, a researcher at the IIRPS; and Andzej Puksto, head of the Department of Political Science of Kaunas-based Vytautas Magnus University.