IIRSIndian Institute of Remote Sensing (Dehradun, India)
IIRSInternational Institute of Rehabilitation Sciences & Research (India)
IIRSInstitute for Industrial Research and Standards
IIRSImagery Interpretability Rating Scale
IIRSIrish Institute for Industrial Research and Standards
IIRSImproved Increasing Radius Search
IIRSInternal Interface Requirement Specification
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The APA, PFA, and Industry Issue Resolution (IIR) programs, he said, are ancillary tools in the IRS's compliance verification toolkit that can provide certainty for taxpayers.
Two theories will be presented to show how an IP system with IIR can solve NP problems in less steps than normal P system.
The IIRS measures the interference or disruption of the illness on 13 dimensions of the partner's life (Devins, Hunsley, Mandlin, Taub, & Paul, 1997).
IIRS has installed the exchange tower in collaboration with an Italian University.
Looking at the fields of activity of those corporations, the IIRS figures show that in the West Bank, the proportion of industrial, commercial and construction firms was larger than the Israeli average, while the proportion of firms in the financial and business services was lower than the Israeli average (ibid: 184).
(25) In this analysis the Coast Guard production center analyst acts as a collector and applies the two step collection review to determine if the FIR should be translated into an intelligence information report (IIR).
As a way of structuring their ideas, the authors sort countries into borrowers' "clubs" according to their debt intolerance, which the authors measure by a combination of IIRs and debt ratios.
The Illness Intrusiveness Ratings Scale (IIRS) is a 13-domain, 7-point scale that assesses the interference of illness and/or its treatment on an individual's QOL.
Figures published in 2007 by the Israel Internal Revenue Service show that over the period of 2002-2010, the Treasury stood to lose a total of NIS 22 billion as a result of the cuts in income taxes and corporate taxes--and this after taking into account certain tax increases instituted over the same years (IIRS, 2007).
From the above risk factors, we can extract IIRs as follows (written in Prolog fact clauses):