IISCIndian Institute of Science
IISCInteraction Institute for Social Change
IISCInelastic Ion-Surface Collisions (workshop)
IISCInternational Institute for the Study of Cuba (est. 2007; UK)
IISCIslamic Information Society of Calgary (Canada)
IISCInternational Information Security Conference
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I am profoundly grateful to Kris for his generous gift and his wonderful support of this partnership between CMU and IISc," said CMU President Subra Suresh.
The IISERs and IISc have to play a leading role in realizing our dream of scientific prowess," he added.
Mint is the strategic partner for the event and IISc is the academic partner.
We are delighted to have IISc as our first customer for this system in India," said Prasad Medury, managing director, SGI India.
Rao, National Research Professor will attend the meeting apart from Directors of IISc and five IISERs.
The conference aims to bring together faculty from IISc and its alumni from around the world with potential academic and business partners to
Winners of CodeForScience India will be invited to showcase their application at the 'CFS Talk & Awards' event on Sunday, July 29, 2012 at IISc.
Patil and his colleagues at IIsC Bangalore have developed an original low-temperature self-propagating synthetic method using solution combustion and combustible precursors processes, and describe preparing combustible powders and doping to produce composite materials, They describe metal hydrazine carboxylates as precursors in simple metal oxides, single source precursors to mixed metal oxides, solution combustion synthesis of oxide materials, alumina and related oxide materials, nano crystalline Ferris oxides and ferrites, nano-titania and tintinates, zirconia and related oxide materials, perovskite oxide materials, and applications.
Ignacio's book on Castro has been a huge bestseller in both Cuba and Spain, and is sure to make a huge impact in the English-speaking world," said Stephen Wilkinson, assistant director of IISC.
The conference also provided a platform for interactions with academicians from leading engineering colleges like the IITs and IISc to participate in industry interactions.
In January, Gopalakrishnan donated ` 225 crore to set up a brain research centre in a joint effort between IISc and a trust formed by him and his wife.
The program will officially commence in 2014 and will be open to PhD students enrolled at the University Of Melbourne, to be co-supervised by staff at IITK, IITM or IISC.