IISCIndian Institute of Science
IISCInteraction Institute for Social Change
IISCInelastic Ion-Surface Collisions (workshop)
IISCInternational Institute for the Study of Cuba (est. 2007; UK)
IISCIslamic Information Society of Calgary (Canada)
IISCInternational Information Security Conference
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But, when the best-known universities across the world are trying to diversify their student mix and count by bringing in candidates from humanities, arts and commerce streams, isn't it a bit strange that IISc accepts only engineers?
For the IISc attack, Hamza entered India through Nepal, executed the action and then escaped to Pakistan through the same porous route.
Chattopadhyay - Chairman, Dept of Mechanical Sciences, IISc, Bangalore, said : "The InterCampus Program" is an extremely significant step in the direction of the corporate world contributing to the urgent cause of funding research for a greener, cleaner and efficient way of life.
Pratt & Whitney and IISc envisage a collaborative research program that looks to the Chair as a resource for R&D as well as technical counseling.
The Technology and Innovation Management activities will involve joint identification of Intellectual Property at IISc, strategies for its marketing, joint incubation and startup companies between IISc and IIMB.
We are delighted to have IISc as our first customer for this system in India," said Prasad Medury, managing director, SGI India.
The beginnings of the IISc can be traced to several improbable encounters and coalitions.
This is the first such 'In-Residence' Programme for scholars from IITs, IISc and IISERs.
Under pressure from the UGC, IISC was recently forced to rename its Bachelors of Science ( BSc) programme to a three year BSc one and BSc Research for a four year one.
Ignacio's book on Castro has been a huge bestseller in both Cuba and Spain, and is sure to make a huge impact in the English-speaking world," said Stephen Wilkinson, assistant director of IISC.
Later, the President participated in a roundtable discussion with scientists at IISc, Bengaluru.