IITRIIIT Research Institute
IITRIIllinois Institute of Technology Research Institute
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However, the nature of IITRI's findings enabled them to answer questions that were not strictly technical.
According to Pearson, 'We were working with IITRI on a project, and at the same time they were working on the squeeze molding of composites.
A method developed at the Illinois Institute of Technology Research Institute (IITRI) has been widely adopted for evaluating the compressive properties of advanced composite materials (Bogetti et al.
The University of Arizona, Battelle, and IITRI are conducting a NHEXAS pilot study in Arizona.
IIT Research Institute (IITRI) is a nonprofit organization performing contract research and development for industry and government.
When consultant Keith McKee, Illinois Institute of Technology & Research (IITRI) makes the rounds of client companies, that's all he hears.
803 Ill" Research Institute (IITRI) 1612 In Vitro ADMET Laboratories (IVAL) 1015 Ina Research, Inc.
IITRI is a not-for-profit contract R&D institute, providing high-tech R&D services to government and industry sponsors worldwide.
Related developments also are underway at Battelle's laboratories in Ohio and Frankfurt, Germany; at IITRI in Chicago; with the Ferranti/Cullham Lab venture in Great Britain; and at Fiat Motor Co in Italy.
Developed via an equity partnership with IIT Research Institute (IITRI), Chicago, and iMove Inc., Portland, Ore., the SVS offers a wealth of applications for the nuclear, biological, and chemical defense community.
301-850-0421; Chang, Roger, Westinghouse, 301-765-0506; Custin, Col Jerry, 6940 ESW, 301-859-6406; Garpstas, John, Westinghouse, 301-765-2605; Hall, Bruce T., IITRI, 301-626-7044; Hawkins, John, Questech, 301-551-9620; Nobles, Maj Mark 6940 ESW, 301-688-6530; Senft, Charles, Westinghouse, 301-993-8720; Yablon, Cheryl, Nurad, 301-462-1700.
I have a sentimental attachment to this series of meetings since I was one of the charter members of the speakers group at the first such Symposium, held at IITRI in Chicago in 1970 under memorably unfavorable conditions.