IITTInstitute of IT Training (UK)
IITTIntended Invitation to Tender (European Space Agency)
IITTInstitute for Industrial Technology Transfer (aka Institut Industriel de Transfert de Technologie; France)
IITTInternational Institute of Training and Technology (India)
IITTInternational Institute of Telecom Technology (College Of Engineering; Punjab Technical University; India)
IITTInstitut Industriel de Transfert de Technologie (French: Institute for Industrial Technology Transfer; aka Institute for Industrial Technology Transfer)
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And last month the IITT announced that it had formally applied to the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) for recognition of its Consumer Code of Practice for the Personally Funded Training (PFT) Accreditation Programme.
The next IITT charity auction in aid of ChildLine will be held at the IT Training awards at The Dorchester in London on Thursday, February 7, 2008.
The Institute's founder and chairman from its launch in 1995, Nick Mitchell, is stepping down to concentrate on developing The Training Foundation, which remains the IITT's appointed training provider for membership CPD programmes.
As will be further discussed below, these trust rules provide the inner framework within which the IITT concept has been designed.
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John Hall MBE, who did pioneering work with computer training in the Royal Navy, designed government-approved standards for the IITT and continues to monitor, assess and accredit IT training organisations on behalf of the Institute.
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A new programme helping training venues align themselves with the Learning Facility code of practice has been launched by the Institute of IT Training (IITT).
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