IITVInteractive Instructional Television
IITVImaged Intensified Television
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These lower-cost compressed video systems are used for many of the social work IITV course offerings at colleges and universities across the country (Siegel, et al.
Demographic and other information about the on-campus students is presented in Table 2 along with similar information,about students who happened to be in IITV sections linked with sites A and B during the spring 1995 semester.
Even for an institution like Northern Arizona University, with a long history of distance education, a good amount of experience with IITV, a statewide mandate in its mission, and a good technological platform from which to deliver its programs, the challenge is daunting.
In its evolution in the use of IT, NAU focused first on IITV as a basis for expansion of program delivery to various sites throughout Arizona.
Cortical window was made at the site of sinus between medial and posterior column of the tibia after confirmation of the proximal end of implant under C-arm IITV.
5] The reason for using this fixation device in our cases was no requirement of sophisticated costly instrumentation or IITV and less financial burden to our patients of poor socioeconomic status.
Tenders are invited for 800 mA X-ray Machine with IITV (08 Nos.
Video Gastroscope (Complete) Endoscopic Sinus Surgical set Portable X ray machine C arm with IITV
Digital Mammography,500 mA X ray Machine with Fluoroscopy with IITV,Orthodontics Plaver Set,Pizzo Ultrasonic Surgical Unit,Automatic Film Processor,Video Gastroscope,Laproscopic Surgery Hand Instrument,Ambulance