IIWGInsurance Issues Working Group
IIWGInternational Industry Working Group
IIWGInternational Investigator Working Group
IIWGInter Institutional Working Group
IIWGInformation Infrastructure Working Group (intellectual property)
IIWGInteragency Infrastructure Work Group
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Although GOED has been part of an Informal Industry Work Group (IIWG) that was established, not to mention recognized by, the Swiss Delegation, to ensure that all issues were considered before Switzerland submitted its proposal for new work to the CCFO, it remains concerned that the adopted standard will not be flexible enough to allow for rapid innovation and natural variations in oil composition owing to environmental factors.
Para facilitar el intercambio y almacenamiento de los datos procedentes de ionogramas el Ionospheric Informatics Working Group (IIWG) desarrollo el formato Standard Archiving Output, SAO (Reinisch, 1998).