IJAMInternational Journal of Agile Manufacturing (est. 2000)
IJAMInternet Journal of Airway Management (Austrian Working Group for Airway Management)
IJAMInternational Journal of Auricular Medicine (1995-1996)
IJAMInternational Journal of Applied Mathematics (International Association of Engineers)
IJAMInternational Journal of Arts Management
IJAMInternational Journal of Arts Medicine (International Arts Medicine Association and International Society for Music in Medicine)
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Students of IJAM are always welcome to visit or get training, he added.
Director IJAM, Riaz Baig said first badge of 80 students have completed the course and now the second badge is getting training in different skills of media.
Ijams checks the national news each morning to gather information for newscasts.
Each morning, Ijams and co-host Dain Craig offer listeners positive thoughts, many of which they glean from this glass-is-half-full site.
This mound differs from that in the IJAMS core: microherms are more abundant, the mound deposits are thinner, and well preserved specimens of renalcid species A are scarce.
This event will provide AP professionals with a rare opportunity to speak one-on-one with Henry Ijams and to learn how leading-edge AP automation technologies will empower companies to dramatically cut costs and improve their AP processes.
We work every day to teach those in our community how to be better stewards of the natural world and the environment we live in," said Paul James, Executive Director of Ijams Nature Center.
Ijams told police that one of his friends asked him if he wrote the threat and he replied that he did, but then quickly said he was only joking, according to the probable cause narrative.
Ijams Nature Center received a CPI grant in 2001 to improve site security and access, accomplish clean up activities, construct trails, create permanent parking, and enhance the center's infrastructure.
Ijams Nature Center Wins Rohm and Haas Knoxville Community Impact Award (September 09, 2008 04:30 PM) Source: Rohm and Haas
Ijams Nature Center receives a Community Partnership Initiative (CPI) Impact Award from the Rohm and Haas Company Knoxville Plant for restoring and beautifying Mead's Quarry into a green space for wildlife and visitor interpretation and enjoyment.
Knoxville has an abundance of recreational opportunities such as Chilhowee Park, Ijams Nature Center and the Smokey Mountains.