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(15.) The major trickster figures of Yoruba mythology are Ijapa the turtle, and the deity Eshu, while Anansi the spider, likewise a trickster figure, is part of Ashanti mythology, and came to have close connections with Brer Rabbit as a result of the Middle Passage.
Undoubtedly, the most significant part of Ogunyemi's investigation (some from the keepers of traditions) is on oral literature in which Ijapa, hitherto depicted as a four-legged tortoise-like protagonist is being found to be a human being of flesh and blood.
There is also a strong affinity between B' Rabby (or Brer Rabbit) and the "two major tricksters of Africa (Anansi or Anancy, the Ashanti spider, and Ijapa, the Yoruba turtle)" (46).