IJCSIAENG International Journal of Computer Science
IJCSInternational Journal of Communication Systems
IJCSInternational Journal of Computational Science
IJCSInternational Journal of Cosmetic Science (John Wiley & Sons, Inc.)
IJCSInternational Journal of Children's Spirituality (Routledge quarterly journal)
IJCSIntegrated Joint Communication System
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Zhang, "Trust-aware query routing in P2P social networks," International Journal of Communication Systems (IJCS), vol.
[15]Guan, Zhang-Jun, Zhang, Wei-Jiong,Zhou, Xi-Lang, "Performance analysis of multi-antenna relay communication systems with MRC," IJCS, vol.
The various contemporary ethnic identity and ethnic conflict situations treated in this special issue of IJCS may be viewed as features of post-colonial globalization
During the course of disease management she had received at least nine bilateral dual lumen CVCs or internal jugular catheters (IJCs).
honorable auditor and the assistant editor of the IJCS is Iviajella Lane.
IN THIS SPECIAL ISSUE of the IJCS, as co-editor, I invite members of the international community-social scientists, practitioners, authors, our readers, and subscribers, including the authors of these articles-to reflect on a key issue that has preoccupied social and popular movements, states, international and non-governmental organizations, policymakers, and researchers in most of the 20th century, that is, reform movements, reform policies, and reform politics, and their implications.
The honorary editor of the IJCS is Anthony Rawlings (AVR Consulting).
And he is also a reviewer for many International journals, such as IET Communication, JVCI, IJCS and so on.
In addition to this interface, Military Operations Directorate also has communication through the office of the Director General Military Operations (DGMO), with the Headquarters ISAF represented by MG Nicholson, but more regularly with HQ ISAF Joint Command (IJC) represented by MG Laster.