IJEREInternational Journal of Evaluation and Research in Education (Institute of Advanced Engineering and Science)
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(14.) Ijere, M.O., Leading Issues in Rural Development, Enugu: Acena Publishers, 1992.
Ijere proposed an academic model for an economic focus in the Africana Studies curriculum that consisted of four concentrations: 1) Black contribution in American economic history; 2) Economics of the ghetto; 3) Problems of human capital formation; and 4) Economic problems of the Third World (Ijere, 1972: p.
Ijere's first concentration, "Black contribution[s] in American economic history" is articulated as a historical recovery division.
Ijere's second proposed concentration, "Economics of the Ghetto," focuses on conducting research geared toward solving economic problems of the ghetto.
Ijere's third concentration, "Problems of Human Capital Formation," offer courses that explore the "training, utilization, and deployment of Africana labor" (Ijere, 1974: p.159).
The fourth and final concentration proposed by Ijere is "Economic Problems of the Third World." Ijere (1974) suggests that courses in this concentration should examine "international trade relations and industrial economics" (159).