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Last but not least, we would like to express our deep appreciation to the General Editor of IJES, Aquilino Sanchez, and to the Editorial Assistant, Raquel Criado, for their invaluable assistance.
We are in no doubt about the fact that experts in the area of specialised languages will be much benefited from the way in which generic traits in professional and occupational contexts have been constructed, used, exploited and interpreted in the various chapters of the present IJES issue.
Power Supply Designed and Constructed for Low Pressure Gas Discharge, IJES 1(4), pp:735-744
Therefore, as conveners of a colloquium on the topic of feedback, we proposed putting together a special volume of the IJES on Feedback in Second Language Writing.
The co-editors of this special volume would like to thank both the individual authors who have taken part in this special issue of IJES and all those professionals in many different countries who gave so generously of their time and their expertise in evaluating and providing magnificent feedback to the contributors to this volume.
FA, "Development of a Revenue Collection Model for Ubiquitous Advertising", under review, IJES International Journal of Emerging Sciences, 2011.
The articles in this special issue of IJES reflect both the rapid growth in interest in different areas of research into feedback on writing and the continuing search by teachers for ways to make their feedback practices more effective.
The papers in this special issue of IJES suggest that there is further work to be done in this area, especially in terms of more longitudinal qualitative studies which focus on individual learners as they engage with feedback in naturalistic settings, tracing their development over a period of time.
The main sections of IJES will be maintained, as readers will easily notice.
IJES will be published from 2012 onwards alternatively as a monograph issue and as an open-topic issue, twice a year.
It is within this context that this special volume of IJES makes it appearance.