IJESInternational Journal of Emergency Services (Emerald)
IJESInternational Journal of Embedded Systems (Inderscience Enterprises, Ltd.)
IJESInternational Journal of Engineering Simulation (UK)
IJESInternational Journal of Ethiopian Studies (Tsehai Publishers)
IJESInternational Journal of Expert Systems
IJESIrish Journal of Earth Sciences
IJESInternational Journal of Engineering Studies
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Her essays have appeared in Atlantis, SEDERI, IJES and Persuasions On-Line.
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The authors also thank the IJES editor and an anonymous reviewer for their helpful comments on this paper.
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He has recently published the book Sociolinguistica historica (Madrid: Gredos 2007) as well as articles and papers in, among other journals, Neuphilologische Mitteilungen, Language in Society, Neophilologhus, Studia Anglica Posnaniensa and International Journal of English Studies (IJES).
This is the second of the 2008 IJES issues and the last in my role as interim Managing Editor.
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Because of high speed deposition is an important criteria in industrial electroplating applications, the electroplating process with impinging jet electrode (IJE) have been taken into consideration by many researchers.
Generally, unsubmerged IJE configuration can be used in electroplating studies, since the current density on the cathode (workpiece) higher than the other configuration [4].